The Hot Coffee Guesthouse & Resort offers bed and breakfast (for backpacker style travelers) and is also a fully functional resort for visitors who require some quiet relaxing days exploring the stunning nature without missing all the amenities of a resort. Our restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, such as premium Karen Hill Tribe coffee.

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karen coffee prtnersHot Coffee is proudly partnering and using the fresh local coffee provided by the Karen Coffee organization which is a social enterprise project initiated by the RainTree Foundation to enable local hill tribe farmers to gain access to a sustainable market. Good quality is a result from education, relationships and dedication for the Karen Coffee produced.

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Our Rooms

At Hot Coffee Guesthouse we have various types of rooms serving the different needs of our valued guests.


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Choose from Bamboo style Restaurant with stunning views, Souvenirs shop, Friendly staff and certified good food.


Tours - Bamboo Rafting


We offer a large selection of tours including bamboo rafting, Emerald lake tour, Hill Tribe Tour and Elephant Camp.